Dynamic Tots

Creative and fun dance classes for boys and girls

From the moment we are born our bodies begin working to learn new movements. Dance is a fantastic way to channel a child’s energy and their need to explore new ways to move. At Dynamic Tots we aim to help a pre- school child’s development in movement through our progressive two-stage ballet or street tots classes. Once they have passed their Dynamic Tots classes they will have a sound knowledge in movement through dance, they can then progress into Dynamic Performing Arts.

Ballet Tots
2 – 3 year olds

Street Tots
2 – 3 year olds

Ballet Stars
4 – 6 year olds

Street Stars
4 – 6 year olds

Tap Stars
4-7 year olds

Ballet Tots is an introduction to the joys of dance, the class uses fun inspiring music, props, storybooks and pictures to tell a magical adventure where anything can happen. The class introduces specific actions such as galloping, hopping, jumping and skipping.

“We march like a soldier,
We tiptoe like a princess,
We fly like a butterfly
We jump like a rabbit”

Street Tots is a highly energetic and fun dance class using exciting music that will get your tots moving to the beat.

The funky music and creative routines are specifically selected to entertain your child whilst learning new dance moves that will enhance your tots rhythm, co-ordination, and fitness. Your child is guaranteed to leave with a smile on their face.

Like Ballet tots the class is fun and creative, but has a slightly more formal structure where your child will learn the basic ballet positions and steps.

The class follows the pre – primary and primary ballet syllabus that aims to develop your child’s physical skill, stamina, musicality, confidence and creativity.

Street Stars is a unique class designed by Dynamic, which aims to enhance your child’s rhythm, strength and dance quality in this popular dance style. Each week a short dance routine will be taught to funky music.

Furthermore Street Stars is a fantastic stepping-stone to Dynamic Performing Arts street dance awards.

Tap Stars is a fun and stimulating class for both boys and girls. The class follows the Pre Primary and Primary I.S.T.D Tap Syllabus which is a wonderful introduction to tap as children first learn to use their feet to make sounds and rhythms to engaging music. Developing their coordination, quality of movement and musicality.

Dynamic Tots in nurseries and schools

Since January 2011 Dynamic have offered Dynamic Tots dance classes to nurseries and schools in the Surrey area. Each week the classes follow a different theme that is both creative and physical. The half hour classes will enhances the children’s creativity, confidence, fitness, musicality, body awareness, communication and social skills as well as having a great fun.

Dynamic Tots classes require minimal organization or commitment from your teachers or care’s. All of Dynamic teachers are fully trained and Enhanced CRB checked. All we ask for is an open space in a classroom or hall, where we can take the children on a fun dancing adventure every week. Dynamic offer free trial sessions before booking a term or year contract.

Star Awards

Dynamic Tots have created their own unique 4 level star awards programme. The star awards will aid your tot’s development in dance and help track their progress. Once a level is fully completed your little one will be awarded their Star award badge for that level. When all four levels are achieved you little one can graduate from Dynamic Tots into Dynamic Performing Arts.